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Who We Are & What We Do

The Goal: First impressions are made in the first 7 seconds... Our goal is to keep our clients in the interview until the 8th second.


Snips of Success provides professional pre-interview grooming services to disadvantaged job-seekers. We do this by partnering with job-placement programs to arrange services for their clients with our volunteer team of SOS-approved licensed beauty industry professionals.

How We Work




SOS partners with job placement programs to identify disadvantaged clients that are ready to start interviewing! 

Provide Licensed Professionals

At the same time, we work to enroll professional, licensed barbers, cosmetologists, estheticians, nail techs and makeup artists that will provide the professional services for those clients. 




When a client has an interview, SOS connects the client with a licensed professional that can handle the job. Clients are then serviced right in the professional’s salon or barbershop.



SOS follows up with the client, the professional, and the job-placement program. We want to know how the services affected the client's confidence and self-esteem going into the interview and whether or not the client landed the job.

Why Grooming?

The Proof is in the Statistics

Grooming Tells Employers About Critical Things Such As: Attitude, Initiative, Level of Autonomy, Suitability for the Position, and Growth Potential. 



Growth Potential

78%of employers report,

"Well-groomed professionals experience better professional growth."




91% of employers say, "dress and grooming reflects an applicant’s attitude towards the company." 




95% of employers believe, "a job seekers personal appearance affects the applicants suitability." 


Data for the Influence of Personal Appearance on Hiring Decisions
*State of Wisconsin’s Department of Workforce Development*
*State of Wisconsin’s Department of Workforce Development*

Meet The Team


Dee Marie Boozer


“I knew when I was in barber school that I wanted to start this nonprofit. To me, the greatest contribution we can make as professional groomers, is to help someone re-establish self esteem… especially in a moment as pivotal as right before an interview.”

An award winning barber, educator, speaker and industry- consultant, Dee is the hands and feet of SOS, providing in-salon trainings and support.


Dana Fountain


Dana Fountain is a serial entrepreneur who works in the beauty, wedding & events industries. Dana believes forming personal relationships and bonds with employees, clients, business partners, and peers while rooting for their prosperity is extremely important for success. With her passion for beauty, business and consulting, Dana is able to share her 15+ years of artistic and business expertise by sharing her knowledge globally. 

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